Tri-Cal Distributing

Tri-Cal Pistachios was founded by Emanuel Vargas in 1982. Coming from a third generation American-Portuguese farming family, Emanuel initially pursued a career as a broker in agriculture real estate. At the time, he worked for a large agriculture real estate company, Pacific Agricultural Services, located in Fresno, Ca.

Emanuel’s interest in pistachios peaked in the fall of 1981, when a local pistachio farmer, Elmer Hansen, offered him a taste of this relatively unknown nut. Emanuel, getting his first taste of a California pistachio, thought it was incredible. Afterwards, he started passing bags of pistachios out to friends and the requests for more flooded in. Emanuel focused his real estate interest to buying and selling pistachio groves to local investors. He formed a partnership and bought about 40 acres of pistachios in Madera County. During his first harvest in the fall of 1982, a local processor encouraged him to start selling pistachios. Emanuel took 1,000 pounds of his first crop of pistachios; roasted & salted them, then bagged and sold them to friends and family. He sold out in three days.

Emanuel then bought another 3,000 pounds of pistachios and began selling them on a busy street corner in Fresno, California. He noticed that a local convenience store owner was buying the pistachios to sell to her customers. This gave him the idea to start distributing pistachios to liquor and convenience stores. he went store-to-store to sell his California pistachios. In a month, he was servicing over 50 stores and within the first seven months of distributing to customer stores, Tri-Cal gained over 1,700 stores and a sales team of seven.

Tri-Cal is a proud member of American Pistachio Growers, a non-profit based in Fresno, CA.

Emanuel’s philosophy on how he runs his business is: “You need to serve the others before you serve yourself.”

Our Sales Team: 

Tri-Cal Pistachios is staffed by a team of professionals who are devoted to the sales and servicing of your business. We will consult and track sales for you to determine your requirements and to configure a product line specifically tailored for your store’s customers, resulting in bottom line profits.

From our family-owned business to yours, no store is too small for us!


At Tri-Cal, we believe in providing the best services available on the market today. Tri-Cal works with individual customers to provide the solutions that best fits your store’s needs at a competitive price. Our experienced team also knows the limited size and space of many convenience stores, we focus and provide the highest possible profit returns per square foot in considering products pricing and positioning. We understand that floor space is a premium asset and we acknowledge that with the products we sell. Our main goal is to have your interests in mind to improve your bottom line profits. Serving you promptly, effectively and in a timely manner is our top priority.

Product Displays:

Displays are provided to suit the needs of any store. We offer a variety of end caps and counter displays for small and large format stores to merchandise our lines products. We can set up company counter displays (no space is too small) to full-sized end caps that focus on high visibility and efficient sales.

Strategy and setting up:

Our team has expertise in point-of-sale displays in merchandising for fast-moving sales. We will help evaluate your store for effective product positioning to maximize your high traffic flow areas.

We will consult and track sales for you to configure a product line that are specifically to your store’s clientele.

Our Guarantee:

100% full guarantee sales of products.*
*excluding some seasonal items