We are your wholesale source for delicious, affordable and high-quality snack products

Since 1982, we have been a family-owned business that prides itself on making your business grow. Our team of dedicated staff knows that our job doesn't stop after we sell you our products. It's just begun.

Tri-Cal Distributing, LLC is a full-service sales, marketing, merchandising and distributing company specializing in its own branded nut and jerky products. In addition, we have exclusive relationships with top manufacturers of beef jerky, health and energy supplements and other high-demand products for both small and large format stores. We can meet the needs of all stores, such as convenience, grocery, liquor, institutional, and schools.

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Direct Service Distributing

We provide outstanding DSD service from prompt delivery, hands-on merchandising and top-selling salty snack lines to small and large format stores throughout California.

Wholesale/ Independent Distributors & Network Wholesale

Over the past 40 years, Tri-Cal products have been represented through independent distributors and wholesale businesses throughout the United States.

Tri-Cal Farms & Grower Relationships

Tri-Cal has been actively involved in marketing organizations, such as APG to keep current with the pistachio trends, nut corps and production in the domestic and global market place.

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Tri-Cal branded products offer a unique selection of jerky. From a variety of flavors and in a variety of styles: Dry, Soft and Chewy, and Brisket. 

Premium California Dry Style Jerky - The MV cattle brand had its beginnings in the early 1900's, when Manuel Vargas raised cattle in the fertile valleys of Livermore California. Since then, the MV Vargas Brand is recognize with quality beef jerky. Consumers can choose MV VARGAS California Dry Style Jerky in multiple flavors which is made in reminiscent of the old west dry style jerky of the 1800's. It goes in dry and slowly opens up bursting in flavor for an enhanced long lasting chew. 

Soft & Chewy Jerky - Tri-Cal offers a full line of 4 flavors in a traditional Soft & Chewy jerky. This product is what most consumers are familiar with in texture and flavor.

So whatever your style is, Tri-Cal brands are sure to have something to satisfy your jerky and sausage cravings... 

MV VARGAS® Beef jerky

Original California Dry®
Garlic Pepper California Dry® "Style"
Teriyaki California Dry® "Style"
Hot & Spicy California Dry® "Style"

TRI-CAL® Beef Jerky

Hot & Spicy
Old Fashion

TRI-CAL® Sausage Sticks

Hot and Spicy


Over 40 years ago, in 1982, Tri-Cal started with a sole item, Pistachio Nuts. Our Pistachio nut line was first launched in California's Central Valley market place during the early beginnings of the pistachio farming industry. As California  Pistachio Growers ourselves, our goal has always been to provide our customers roasted and salted pistachios with higher grade standards of US Extra #1 and in a large size of 21-25 nuts per oz.

Over our 40 plus years history, we have expanded our product line to include several other "Premium Select" nuts in addition to our flagship line of Pistachio Nuts.

Tri-cal since our beginnings in 1982, has always utilized Clear View Packaging. Why? Simple, to enable our customers to easily see the quality of nuts they are purchasing from us. This clean, simple, clear and we think, unique packaging in today's marketplace is superior to many other nut packaging that in many cases, uses a full graphic and covered packages that leaves the consumer wondering what's really inside.

So when you.... "Think Pistachios, Think Tri-Cal®". We "Clearly" are the best! 


Roasted - Salted
Cracked Pepper
Chili con Lemon


Natural Raw
Butter Toffee


Roasted - Salted
Honey Roasted
Chili con Lemon
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